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CDCTRL(1)                        User Commands                       CDCTRL(1)

       cdctrl - command line CDROM control

       cdctrl  [device]
       cdctrl  -c [device]
       cdctrl  -c
       cdctrl  [-V|-?|-h]

       cdctrl  command  is a program that opens a CDROM device and may be used
       for interactive control of the  CDROM  including  play  starting  at  a
       track,  next  track, previous track, stop, pause, display info, display
       CDROM status, and display CDROM directory.  This program may be used as
       a daemon to control an audio CDROM device.

       The commands to the cdctrl command are:

              device Open CDROM device.

              -V     Print out version and build information.

              -h     Display help.

              -v     Display help.

              -D     Enable runtime debugging.

              -c     Output CR-LF at end of each line, not LF.

       By  default, cdctrl opens /dev/cdrom, but does not start playing.  Out-
       put is to standard output with each line terminated by a linefeed (LF).

       Commands to cdctrl are:

              1      Play first track, start playing.

              s      Stop playing.

              p      Pause playing.

              r      Resume playing.

              e      Eject CDROM.

              c      Close CDROM tray.

              i      Display info string.

              d      Display directory.

              -      Play previous track.

              +      Play next track.  When on last track, play first track.

                     Play track 1..99.

              ?      Display help screen.

              q      Quit.

       Each command results in one or multiple lines of output to stdout, fol-
       lowed by an info string, followed by END.

       The format of the info string is:

       CMD cmd-name cd-status track abs-time rel-time

         cmd-name  := {play, stop, ... quit} from above list
         cd-status := {invalid, play, paused}
         cd-status += {completed, error, no_status}
         track     := {1..99} CD track
         abs-time  := HH:MM:SS elapsed since CD start
         rel-time  := HH:MM:SS elapsed since track start

       /dev/cdrom - default cdrom device

       CDTOOLDEV - cdrom device, overrides compile time defaults


       Main code:
              Thomas Insel <>
              Sven Oliver Moll <>
       cdctrl extensions:
              Wade Hampton <>

CDTOOL                           29-July-2004                        CDCTRL(1)

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