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cdtool is a free software package to control the audio functions of an attached CDROM drive from the command line in a quick and scriptable way. cdtool consists of several programs. Actually, most of them are really one program that can be called with multiple different names.

cdtool includes these commands:

See README for more information.


(2006-08-09) cdtool 2.1.8 released.

(2005-11-09) cdtool 2.1.8pre4 released.

(2005-10-18) cdtool 2.1.8pre3 released.

(2005-10-03) cdtool 2.1.8pre2 released.
This release includes some minor improvements and a GPL-relicensed cdown.c.

This is the first release after a long time of inactivity. Sorry about the delay! In part this is because my (Max's) new laptop (and main development machine) doesn't have a CD-ROM built in, which means I don't get to use cdtool as often anymore. If anyone reading this is interested in picking up more active development, please let me know.

(2004-09-12) cdtool 2.1.8pre1 released.
This release might work on Solaris, please let us know how it goes.

(2004-08-06) cdtool 2.1.7 released.


The lasted released version is 2.1.8 and can be obtained from

See "Development" below for how to get the latest development version of cdtool.


cdtool-devel is a mailinglist for users and developers of cdtool. If you have ideas about how cdtool could improve or what features are missing, have code to contribute or problems using it, send a message here.



cdtool development takes place in a public Subversion repository. The latest development version is available in the directory /public/cdtool/trunk/. You can check it out using:

$ svn co cdtool-current

The latest version for Debian, which will at some point be going into unstable, is developed in the directory /public/cdtool/trunk-debian. Check it out using:

$ svn co cdtool-debian

You can also browse the repository here.